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Apparel Merchandising Courses Institute: Best Apparel Merchandising Institute in Delhi NCR

The apparel industry continues to grow in size and connotation, as brands and retailers expand their dimensions and markets. Apparel Buying and Merchandising is the heart of a apparel & style company’s ability to respond effectively to growing trends with all successful seasonal collections.

Apparel Merchandising programme provides you with the specialist knowledge and skills identified with accommodating trends and developing apparel ranges, commercial understanding and industry insights to access a range of positions in buying and merchandising.

The students who wish to enter fashion and clothing industry in administrative side can apply for the program.

The course has been designed to extensively cover the areas on Buying, Merchandising, Retail Operations, Fashion Co-ordinations, International Marketing, Quality Control, Garment Costing and Production Management etc., besides one additional foreign languages.


Under Apparel Merchandising the institute offers the following courses/programmes

1) Apparel Merchandising One Year Course